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  Beijing South Railway Station Spring Festival drawing high-speed rail line scheduled to open 240 pairs accounted for over 68% of the number revival 10-day Spring Festival Transportation will pull the curtain spring released multi-station programs and new service initiatives revival Beijing South Railway Station train accounting for more than 68% of January 10, the national railway spring will pull the curtain.Yesterday, the Beijing Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station released Spring Festival transportation programs and new service initiatives.This year the Spring Festival, Beijing Railway Station 30 ticket self-service equipment increased recognition function, more convenient passenger stop; Fig Beijing South Railway Station scheduled to open the line high-speed rail trains to reach 240 pairs, which accounted for revival pattern number exceeds 68%.January 22 the two stations at the same time welcome the Spring Festival peak day for 40 days, the Beijing Railway Station is expected to send 414 visitors.7 million, flat year on year last year; Beijing South Railway is expected to send 543 visitors.40,000, an increase of 37.90,000 people, an increase of 7.5%.Two station passenger flow peak day are expected to appear in the January 22 (lunar calendar 28), the same day, the Beijing Railway Station to send passengers will reach 17.5 million people, Beijing South Railway Station to send passengers will reach 20 million.During the Spring Festival, Beijing Railway Station to open 37 pairs of trains, in addition to the northeast, as far to Chongqing.Beijing South Railway Station plus open plan go direction Jinan, Rongcheng, Qingdao, Yancheng, Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and other 16 pairs of trains.During the spring, Beijingnanzhan FIG high-speed trains scheduled to open line 240 pairs, which accounted for 68% of the pattern number exceeds rejuvenation.Beijing South Railway Station the full implementation of e-ticketing spring of this year, Beijing South Railway Station Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity full implementation of e-ticketing business, passenger travel is no longer required to print paper tickets, valid original identity documents with the tickets used by gate machine can handle the formalities out of the station, doubling the speed out of the station, so passengers have a more convenient and efficient travel experience.During the spring in order to meet passenger demand quick pit stop to ensure that the large passenger flow of inbound passengers convenient and smooth, South Station will further adjust the time according to the Office of the fast passenger traffic stop situation, early morning opening time of 8:00 to 7:00, closed at night time delayed by eight pm to eight pm (five weekly Beijing-Tianjin fast pit stop delay for the hall 21), to meet the morning and evening peak passenger demand fast transfer, ease the passenger flow pressure waiting room.Beijing South Railway Station will also be additional underground complex Desk, someone has to answer guide, integrated business inquiries, inquiries goods, transportations and tourism consulting function to facilitate the accurate knowledge of the required passenger information.While updating the shuttle stop voucher printing system, the station underground station No. 1,2,4,5 and 7 are to send an additional station buffet voucher sales numbers terminals, passenger stations without having to send back to the front desk to go again pin number service, the implementation of "outbound pin No. integration".During the Spring Festival, Beijing South Railway Station waiting area in the Internet, speed will be faster and more stable, the waiting area of the station upgrade free Wi-Fi, expand the bandwidth up to 1G.Beijing Railway Station ticket self-service equipment by face recognition, according to the Beijing Railway Station introduced before the Spring Festival, the station has been completed ahead of the pit mouth ticket information transformation, an increase of 30 face recognition device self-service ticket for the two artificial check the channel configuration four face recognition device, so that visitors stop more convenient and faster.While opening "emergency off-channel" for the distance is less than 15 minutes of driving time travelers to quickly stop service.In response to a large area that may arise during the spring delayed, sudden large passenger flow, the Beijing Railway Station waiting the flexibility to adjust the layout, opening the ticket office and other locations for the temporary waiting area, the east side of the station square luggage hall and sent west side little Red Riding Hood stint channel as an emergency stop channel, the east gate, west tunnel as an emergency outbound channels, to ensure that passengers under the state of emergency quickly into and out of the station.We are ready to do a good job preparation classes during all cadres and workers of the spring, ready to solve the demand for passenger travel.Beijing stood before the Spring Festival also improve the focus of passenger service facilities, updated "Suping service room" Love wheelchair, maternal and child nursing room small bed and bedding, this spring will add two mobile maternal and child nursing rooms, childrens rooms about 2 square meters in size, comes with wheels for easy movement.Text / reporter Wangwei She shadow / Chai Yu

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