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  Beijing police focused on the destruction of waste shells 244, 4709 detonators hair Explosion illegal special action in accordance with Ministry of Public Security to deploy a crime against regulation gun, Beijing public security departments on the 3rd in a destroyed base in Hebei Province since 2020, focused on the destruction of the seized detonators May 4709 issue, various types of waste shells 244.Beijing Municipal Public Security Corps, responsible person, the police since May 2020, including the collection of waste shells mortar shells 80, three bomb, grenade scrap 102, 16 grenades, two mines, other dangerous goods 41 gold, most of these used explosives during the war legacy items.June 27 this year, Huairou Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau received a report that a mortar bomb dug up when digging the Bohai Sea Bohai Sea town of Huairou District, a farmer of the village flip houses.Alarm Huairou Branch police immediately sent to the scene to work, while the Security Corps to send technical personnel to the scene to dispose of.Have been screened, the shells left over from the war years as a mortar shell.The scrap pieces of artillery also destroyed in the event.Beijing Public Security Bureau hopes the masses to actively provide clues to the public security organs, public security organs to help make explosive offense against regulation gun crime special action.At the same time, he called on the public to report clues related to explosives, explosives or suspected waste explosives promptly call 110.

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