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  Rather hard work does not have support Qianjiang working hard and making the old self out of poverty "vanguard" Title: hard work rather not have support Qianjiang working hard and making the old self out of poverty "vanguard" of Chen Maolin July 1, Chongqing Qianjiang District Black Town resort community 12 groups of villagers Wang Zhen six years to find his own collection of 40 veterans certificate of visitors said: "I retired in 2073, although had been poor households, but soon went down to help the country, out of poverty by their own efforts, and I did not lose face to the troops."Sixty year veteran Wang Zhen six out of poverty due to the frail wife, son severe disability, family status has been bad."The family is inseparable from the people, I did not dare to work so far away."Wang Zhen told reporters that six young when he was at home in addition to farming, the construction team is to some places around Qianjiang or do blasting work, although dangerous, but the days barely flies down; later because older, demolition work on the site can not perform competently, life begins stretched up.The village is really difficult to see his family life, in 2014 his family as poor households the cards."Poor hat dishonorable."Wang Zhen six of few words said,.This idea of holding shares admit defeat, when 64-year-old Wang Zhen attended six training courses in bee farming-governmental organizations, and to raise funds through loans, etc., at home, huh bee farming; in 2015, Wang Zhen six farmed bees brought him 6,000 yuan of income, coupled with his wife at home pig grain income, Wang Zhen six times a year to get rid of what he considers "dishonorable" and "poor hat".Today, 68-year-old Wang Zhen six only four in Pat Heung became a minor celebrity in the beekeeping experts, the annual income can reach more than 10 million, it has initiated the establishment of the "burden of Qianjiang District Ping bee breeding stock cooperatives" unreservedly to provide technical guidance for the bee farmers in the village, and the village of some illness, due to residual impoverishing poor households presented in the cards bee.Grass-roots militia is a bright touch Qianjiang poverty alleviation.The picture shows the water Qianjiang District Rural City launched militia and reserve forces to help poor households planted tea.Qianjiang District peoples armed forces for self-improvement out of poverty "vanguard", "In fact, such as Wang Zhen six veterans has been the backbone of our work in tackling poverty Qianjiang."Head of Veterans Affairs told reporters Qianjiang District, Qianjiang is a former Red Army political commissar Wan Taos hometown, is the old revolutionary base areas, the first stop, passing the red gene also makes the Red Army into Chongqing where veterans groups reflects a more many good qualities, to become the vanguard of tackling poverty Qianjiang."I have here can explain the data in question, that is, Qianjiang all veterans of the cards in the register of poor households in mid-2017 have achieved out of poverty."The person in charge of the eyes, Qianjiang group of veterans of military service after baptism, have the self-discipline, perseverance, sense of honor and thinking eyes open and other characteristics, some of them self-reliance by changing the plight of the family, there are some in career after a certain development can drive around with people out of poverty, Gong Xingyuan is one of them.This year 55-year-old Gong Xingyuan retired in 2087 when it determined out of the mountains "into the world", from the beginning of the van, taxi drivers struggle all the way, to raise money Gong Xingyuan 2098 founded the first taxi company in Qianjiang District, and later registration opened one after another driving school, passenger travel companies and other enterprises to solve the employment problem of hundreds of people."Fish upstream, only dead fish swim."Gong Xingyuan said:" we have a six year life thanks to his father to work 40 dollars a month, if not self, my life is definitely better where to go."Would rather not want to work hard in Qianjiang veterans working hard and making the eyes of Wang Zhen six Gong Xingyuan, etc., would rather not want to work hard working hard and making pragmatism is Qianjiang human soul background, while the military career of baptism is to make this background, they become emboldened to build a future happy life, but also for further Qianjiang play a leading and exemplary role in tackling poverty veterans in, led by the regions armed forces, militia and reserve forces to mobilize active participation in poverty out of poverty.It is understood that in recent years, Qianjiang District play an active veterans and militia reservists advantage Practice "blood-based, supplemented by blood transfusion" and "Give a man a fish, padded short board," the precise path of poverty, efforts to build a number of "militia party demonstration households", "demonstration garden party militia" and other militia entrepreneurship demonstration to promote the industry and helping poor households twinning and other ways to drive poor people self-reliance, self-employed."Passive not bear Qianjiang personality, his hands have not come up happy life, people say we are very, very, then we work hard, and finally dry out to a very, very!"Said Gong Xingyuan.

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